The Atlantis Hotel Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm Hotel in Dubai

Located in the United Arab Emirates, there is a truly mythical hotel resting in the beautiful blue waters of the Arabian Gulf. Atlantis, The Palm Hotel in Dubai's  flagship resort located at the top of the crescent of The Palm Jumeirah.  There may not be enough superlatives in the English language to describe the magn ...

the Atlantis Dubai
the Atlantis Dubai

The Atlantis Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm Hotel in Dubai

Located in the United Arab Emirates, there is a truly mythical hotel resting in the beautiful blue waters of the Arabian Gulf. Atlantis, The Palm Hotel in Dubai's  flagship resort located at the top of the crescent of The Palm Jumeirah.  There may not be enough superlatives in the English language to describe the magnificence of this hotel, which boasts 17 restaurants and bars, 65,000 different species of fish and a huge waterpark…not to mention a large private beach with beautiful white sand and crystal clear blue waters. The Atlantis Dubai cost approximately $1.6 billion to build and has been the main resort destination for a number of the rich and famous, but a mainstay for families, friends, and honeymooners who are all looking to experience the complete pleasure of staying at Atlantis, The Palm Hotel in Dubai. It's probably safe to say that The Atlantis Dubai is one of the most popular hotels in Dubai, and one can not imagine Dubai without it. The hotel is truly a phenomenon.

When you first reach the hotel, the first thing you will notice is that the only way to get there is via a long, semi-winding bridge to the crescent of the palm. Coming upon the Atlantis Dubai, the hotel looks as though it is rising from the gulf. All around the hotel, you are surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Arabian Gulf. Just driving up to the hotel, you will feel a sense of fun and enjoyment heading your way. You cannot miss the mammoth hotel that rises up in front of you. It is a place of relaxation, adventure or a little bit of both!


Hotel Décor of the Atlantis Dubai

As you walk through Atlantis Dubai, you cannot help but notice the magnificent array of artwork and detail all throughout the hotel. As you look at the walls or even the ceilings of the Atlantis Dubai, you will see stunning displays of art everywhere. While some may say the murals and sculptures are a bit remedial, it is hard to miss the overall aquatic theme of the entire hotel, including columns, carpets, dado rails and even the doorknobs. When you stay here, the décor really makes you feel as though you are staying in an Atlantean paradise.


Rooms and Suites of the Atlantis Dubai

The Atlantis Dubai features 1,373 beautiful guest rooms and 166 luxurious suites. It is definitely one of the largest hotels in Dubai. Every room is decorated with Arabic and oceanic influences. The rooms are considered quite low key and mainly decorated in natural colours of cream and beige. However, with so much to do outside of your hotel room, why would you need a room so decorated! All the rooms include balconies that let you look over into the beautiful blue waters of the Arabian Gulf or the amazing Palm Jumeirah. The bathrooms are extremely large and even have sliding screens so you can watch the plasma television while taking a luxurious bath in the spacious bathtubs.

Guest rooms and suites can provide accommodations for two adults and two children or three adults. These rooms have a number of amenities, including plasma television with a variety of channels, maid service, and bathroom amenities.

However, if you want to make your stay at the Atlantis Dubai simply exquisite, rather than a room or a suite, join the Imperial Club. The rooms in the Imperial Club boast the best views and amazing dining options. It is the best way to guarantee the most pleasurable stay. Although it is more expensive than the other options at the Atlantis Dubai, you are provided with additional amenities, including access to the Imperial Club Lounge during open hours, continental breakfasts (the guest rooms and suites do not get free breakfast), afternoon tea, complimentary cocktails and canapés in the evening, complete access to the Kids Club, complimentary use of jet pool, sauna and steam facilities at the ShuiQi Spa, and special rates for the exclusive pool cabanas. Want to make your vacation an even better one? Try the Imperial Club. Let's face it - if you are coming to Dubai and want to and can stay at the Atlantis Dubai, you are there for one reason - to enjoy the hotel and relax. You will rarely venture out, because there is so much to do and you will feel as if you are missing out


Shopping at the Atlantis Dubai - A Plethora of Opportunities 

When it is time to take a break from the beach or the waterpark, and you are itching to spend some money, you do not have to take a ride out from the Atlantis Dubai to get to the nearest city, you can shop right in the hotel! Do you really need to go to Dubai Mall when you have the luxury spots right there at Atlantis. The Atlantis The Palm Hotel Dubai offers some amazing and upscale shopping opportunities. Take a walk down The Avenues and window shop at Lacoste, Tiffany & Co., Roberto Cavalli, Porsche Design or Chopart and then enjoy a nice cold treat at Coldstone. Take a stroll down Plato’s Walk in the grand lobby of the Royal Towers and check out Harry Winston, Levantine and the other boutiques offer opulent gift items. The Aquaventure Boutique provides all the essentials for a day at the waterpark, including sunscreen, water toys and hats. Need a few souvenirs for friends and relatives back home? Check out Dolphin Bay for clothes and other fun keepsakes.


The Atlantis Dubai Beach - top up your tan at the best beach in Dubai  

Spreading over 1.4 kilometers, the Atlantis Dubai beach offers magnificent private beach access to all guests of the hotel. Whether you are looking forward to sitting in the sun with a good book, building a sandcastle with your children, or enjoying sports either in the water or on the sand, the beach at this hotel offers it all. There is a beach right by Aquaventure Waterpark and another one that stretches over a kilometer and features a number of snack bars. You wont be disappointed - this is one of the best beaches in Dubai, if not the best beach in Dubai.

If you are not a fan of the open waters, there are two amazing outdoor swimming pools available at the hotel. The Royal Pool provides people with a bit of respite from all the fun and excitement. It boasts a calm, relaxing atmosphere and a great view of the Dubai skyline. If you are looking for a more active environment at the pool, try the Zero Entry Pool. It is best for families and has a kid-friendly design and a number of delectable eating options.


The Atlantis Dive Centre - Take a Dive into the Beautiful Water

Want to swim with the fish? Take a journey to the Atlantis Dive Center, an accredited PADI-5 dive center that is located right in the Palm Jumeirah. It does not matter if this is your first dive or your fiftieth dive; you are going to be in for a great adventure. Do not worry if you are a beginner, because the Atlantis Dive Center offers a number of beginner courses. And for those who have not dived in a long time, there are intermediate and advanced diver courses to bring you back up to speed. At the centre you will learn all about Scuba Diving. Certified divers who bring along their certification card and have dived within the last 12 months will be eligible to be taken out on the boat to open water. If you have not dived within that time frame, you will first have to take the PADI Scuba Review. Open water divers do not go more than 18 meters deep.


Relax at the ShuiQi Spa and Fitness Center

The ShuiQi Spa and Fitness Centre provides adults with a relaxing experience that will awaken senses and create a feeling of serenity and calmness. The spa covers two floors of the Atlantis Dubai and offers a wide variety of treatments, water therapies, and bathing options. It is here you will find the ideal therapy or treatment. Just remember to make reservations in advance as the spa can get booked up pretty quickly during the day! The spa offers aromatherapy, facial and body treatments, homage men’s grooming, ionithermie body treatments and a large fitness centre to get your body looking good for the private beach, as well as a salon to get your hair looking silky and smooth, especially if you are having a night out with your significant other at one of the upscale restaurants in the hotel!


Atlantis Dubai is great for Kids

If you have teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18, they will find so much to do at the Atlantis Dubai resort. Everything from “mocktails” at their own personal bar and a dance club, called “Club Rush,” open until midnight, to internet cafes and an entertainment zone that boasts all the latest game consoles available connected to plasma televisions and an amazing sound system. Both teenagers and younger kids alike will love The Zone. It is a state-of-the-art arcade offering everything from arcade machines made by the foremost game manufacturers in the world, as well as full motion simulators, shooting, racing, dancing, spots, and even fun novelty games. This is child heaven.

Younger children between the ages of four and 12 are able to join Atlantis Dubai’s Kid’s Club, which offers everything for children with high levels of energy, including climbing walls, creation zone and even a screening room to look into the massive aquarium and see all the amazing sea life at the hotel. There are activities going on in the morning, afternoon and evening. It is perfect for parents who want some “adult time” and need a safe, fun place to drop their children off for a few hours. Kids are also offered cooking classes, a tour of the “behind the scenes” going-on’s of the hotel, and they can even watch lunch time at the aquarium when all the fish and animals are being fed. It is important to keep in mind that unless you pay an additional fee for the Imperial Club room, all the activities are extra, which can add up.


Aquaventure Marine and Waterpark Adventures

If you want real adventure, check out Aquaventure, the Atlantis Dubai’s huge waterpark. Aquaventure is the largest waterpark in all of the Middle East as it spreads out over 40 acres that include a speedslide, Master Blasters, rapids, rivers, and the Splashers children’s play location. There are flumes that will jet you right through a shark tank! You may thing Aquaventure is just for kids but adults love the waterpark as well. Adults who come in the summer months can experience the waterpark until midnight on Thursdays! The waterpark is surrounded by tropical landscapes and the hotel's private beach. If you are staying at the hotel, you have unlimited access.

At Dolphin Bay, visitors to the Atlantis Dubai can interact with dolphins. The setting is completely modeled after the dolphins’ natural habitat and feature three large lagoons. The Atlantis Dolphin Encounter provides guests with a close, personal experience with a dolphin, while the Atlantis Royal Swim provides guests with 30 minutes of unobstructed time with the dolphins, in which they can watch as the dolphins jump and race all around the lagoon while the individuals are in the middle of it all!

For all those land lovers out there, The Lost Chambers allows you to walk through the area where you will see the ruins of Atlantis deep beneath the sea. And above you, you will witness more than 65,000 marine animals swim all around you. It is the perfect location to live out any Atlantean adventure as The Lost Chambers features a number of tunnels and underwater halls.


Restaurants at the Atlantis Dubai

Some call the Atlantis Dubai the “Culinary Destination of Dubai.” It is the perfect place to taste the unique cuisines of the world without ever having to leave the hotel. Atlantis, The Palm Hotel in Dubai boasts 17 different restaurants, bars and lounges – everything from award winning Michelin Star restaurants to great casual dining options. No matter what your palate is, there is something to satisfy it.

Award winning restaurants include Ossiano, Nobu (the first in the Middle East!), Rostang, and Ronda Locatelli. Because these restaurants are extremely popular, it is very hard to get a seat without a reservation. Make sure to book your meal in one of these fabulous restaurants right upon your arrival to the hotel or even beforehand if you know your schedule.

When it comes to casual dining, you can have it all, from delicious patisseries and savouries, to Mediterranean cuisine featuring the tastes of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Greece (hence the name of the restaurant – Kaleidoscope). If you have a love of Asian-inspired cuisine, try Saffron, which offers 20 stations and is a fun gastronomic journey for anyone. The hotel also offers outdoor bars and grills (some of which even offer poolside service), Arabian restaurants, and a number of kiosks offering classic healthy snacks.

Atlantis Dubai Review

What do we think about this hotel? Next time you want an amazing adventure when you visit Dubai, visit Atlantis, The Palm Hotel in Dubai! We recommend the Atlantis Dubai to you all. If you can afford it, it is a fantastic holiday! The reality is that it is amazing - if you can one from the fact that the communal areas are awash with tourists, then you can have an amazing time. The rooms are OK, but you're not here for the rooms - you're here for the whole experience. You are paying for the out of this world.  Don't stay here if you are on a budget - the restaurants are expensive - after all they are world class - but they are amazing. And staying at the Atlantis is staying at the ultimate resort - the best resort in Dubai. If you don't plan to do too much tourism and have a great break - make sure you stay here. If you want to give your kids a holiday to remember with Aquaventure, Dolphins and ones of the largest pools for a hotel, stay here. If you want to stay in a fantasy hotel, which is a little over the top - but amazing all the same, stay at the Atlantis Dubai. If you are looking to see all that Dubai offers within a week - and are more travellers or shoppers - the Atlantis is not for you, although you may want to stay here to be pampered for a few days. 

It's not for everyone - things do get expensive - and being at the end of the palm means a little bit of a journey if you are exploring the city on a daily basis - but if you know Dubai, only need to venture in a couple of times - and want an experience unlike any other, the Atlantis is for you. it should be one your list of things to do this lifetime. Enjoy, whenever you do go. Because you will go - if not now, then one day.