Where can you ride a camel in Abu Dhabi

There are many who actually think that there will be a camel at every corner in Abu Dhabi. Well, think again. This may be the desert but it sure ain’t the stereotype. Finding a camel to ride can be quite difficult if you don’t know where to go, but if riding one was one of the stereotypes that you have to get done, then this is where you can do it


Riding a Camel in Abu Dhabi

If you are going on a desert safari, the camel ride is usually thrown as part of the cultural things to do when you are out in the desert.

Sometimes your kids may be a little too young to go on the desert safari with you, so you’re pretty much stuck, but the Heritage Village just opposite the Marina Mall is the place to go.

Occasionally outside the Marina Mall, there is a camel that you can pay to ride. The camel looks a little sad being the slowest vehicle around!

If you are going to Al Wathba for the Camel racing, you can ask one of the trainers at the end of the race to let you ride one.