Walking Tour of Shindhaga in Dubai

Shindhaga is a bolt on walk to Bastakiya. You could take on Shindhaga if you woke early and then visited Bastakiya, but if you want to cover two areas properly in one day, then plump for Bastakiya followed by Deira. Or you could cover Bastakiya and Shindhaga in one day leaving a whole day to go for the Deira souks. That’s not to say that Shindhaga is not interesting – it’s just more of the same flavour as Bastakiya’s history.

shindhaga walking tour

Shindhaga Walking Tour, Copyright OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA, Grapeshisha

We’d recommend starting walking from the diving village on Al Khaleej Road. You’d do well to spend some time at the Heritage Village – and then if you are that way inclined, you could visit the camel and horse museums. Let’s face it – you won’t do that ever again, so you might as well give it a few minutes.

Nearby, Sheikh Saeed al Makhtoum’s house is where the current ruler spent his first days. It’s well kept and worth visiting Shindhaga just for this as it will put the whole of Dubai into perspective. In less than one generation, the Dubai rulers have moved from relatively simple dwellings to the grandiose. Seeing this house will put things in context and give a view of what life used to be up until a few years ago.

Don’t miss the traditional architecture museum next door, housed in the most traditional of renovated buildings. Continuing around the creek you will arrive at the textile souk and then the Iranian Mosques.

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