Walking Tour of Deira Dubai

Deira’s lure is the Gold Souk and will be the highlight of this walk. Once you get off the abra, you’ll feel the vibe of the hawkers nearby. Follow the signs for the Old souk which is on Old Baniyas Road. Feel free to wander into the many souvenir shops – and even be tempted by some ‘copy original’ merchandise.

Double back on yourself and you will see the Spice souk (Sikkat Al Khalil Road). You’ll actually smell it first! Don’t touch the spices unless invited to, but everything is fairly priced here – which is why we like to stock up on our bits and pieces.  At the end of the street, go right and then immediately left and follow the signs for the Al Ahmadiya School. Spend some time there and next door at the Heritage House.

deira walking tour

Deira Walking Tour, Copyright OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA, Grapeshisha

Walk back past the School and you will see the signs for the Gold Souk. Take a right on Old Baladiya Street which is home to local tailors and some bric a brac stores. You’ll actually feel the bargaining in the air as you walk up to the souk where you’ll be hit upon by the brightness of the yellow gold gleaming in the window – and the sign stating that this is “Dubai, City of Gold”  – as if it wasn’t. If you are there to buy, you could be there for a few hours. If not, get lost for an hour, take a perch on the bench, out of the sun and watch the flow of money and gold happen.

Come out of the exit at the other end of the Gold Souk, and you will get to the Perfume souk, where you can buy oud burners and learn the art of scent. A little further down you will arrive at the Deira Covered Souq. It’s not our favourite souq, but you can finish up your souvenir shopping here if you need to.  If you don’t wear them, you may want to indulge in a cheap Kandura or Abaya, for your next fancy dress party back home.

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Walking Tour of Deira Dubai