Seeing Dubai by Metro

Throw caution to the wind and get a bird’s eye view of Dubai, from the heights of the Dubai Metro.  When you arrive in Dubai you will see that it’s quite possible to have the cheap tour of Dubai by Metro. You can see all the major sights – and the Metro does travel through most of Dubai, so if you are short on time and money, this is the warts and all view of the good and the bad, the new and the old.

Dubai Metro is one of the newest metro systems in the world is already proving to be one of the lifelines of a truly sprawling commercial city.  You should try and use the metro itself at some point – it’s the longest driverless metro in the world and one of the most modern.

The Dubai Metro sits above the city and offers great views of Sheikh Zayed Road for example.  Each train is a fivecarriages long and so can fit 643 passengers both seated and standing. All trains offer three classes of accommodation namely Gold class, Women and children class and Silver Class which is economy. Try and get a seat at the front!


The Diversity of Dubai Metro

Points of note –

To get a first hand view of view of Dubai, get the front seat of the train if you can – but there will be competition

A ticket of Dubai Metro is flexible enough to be used in bus and taxi feeder points as well.

The four themes on which the interior of the stations are based are fire, air, earth and water and this is the deciding factor for the colour of the station.

There is a minimum charge to get to a metro station by taxi which is 10 dhs. This is the minimum charge of the taxi, so bear that in mind to your overall cost, if you are estimating cost comparisons.

If you are going to take more than one journey, but a nol card on which you can add cash. Ask the staff which one is best for you and your family.

When –The Dubai Metro is open from 6am to 11pm (midnight on Thursday and Friday)

How long – The trains travel at the speed of 90 kilometres per hour and while a red line train takes 2 hours and 23 minutes for completion of a round trip, a green line takes 1 hour 23 minutes for the same. The Dubai Metro is quick!

Location –Across 40 metro stations which are currently operating the train can be taken at any one.  See the map above.

Cost –The cost of travelling in the Dubai Metro depends on class being travelled, distance etc, but even a maximum single journey is 6 Dhs.

More info –Detailed information about the Dubai Metro can be obtained at

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