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If you’re a first timer to Dubai, taking a bus tour will cover all the major landmarks and places of interest in an informative and humorous way.  Apart from taxis, which can be pot luck, The Big Bus Tours offer the best way to familiarize yourself with this fascinating city of contrasts. In Dubai, there are many types of tours, but there’s no point messing around with them. The Big Bus Tour is the best of the lot. In a full day you can see the whole of Dubai, with all the trimmings of intense description, humour and astonishing facts. The tour is ‘hop on and hop off’, so it’s also flexible for you to visit some of the areas – and if you don’t want to visit all the areas of Dubai, you can opt for the more manageable tour covering just the main landmarks. The main tour offered by the Big Bus Company is the day tour, but if you have time and want the easy life, you can sign up for the 48 hour tour, which gives you even more flexibility. If you have no time whatsoever, you can whizz through Dubai on the night tour and see everything – and get an overall flavour in 2 hours.


The bus picks you up at one of the malls, starting at just after 9am depending on which one – but you don’t have to start then. However, starting early allows you to get off – and indulge in their additional tours of places like the souks. The guides are very helpful, and although their script is staged – it’s fresh and has the right amount of balance of facts and fun. For us, this is the must do trip for the newbie to Dubai. Just turn up at Wafi, Burjuman, City Centre or Dubai Mall – and take it from there. You don’t have to book in advance, but just make sure you get there early enough to pay

The open roof double decker bus gives great views, although you can opt for the cooler air-conditioned ground floor in the summer months.  The tour covers Jumeirah beach and the surrounding areas such as the Palm, the five star hotels, shopping malls and Jumeirah mosque. The City tour covers the historical sites like the forts, ancient homes and architecture, Dubai Museum and the street life within Bur Dubai. Renowned tourist attractions like the Creek Park, the Spice Market and Dubai Heritage Village are also a part of the City Tour. The Beach Tour provides you with spectacular sights to feast your eyes on and capture images of the city which could never have been possible from a taxi, for example.  Both the tours are covered in the price, but it all depends whether you can do it all in your 24 hour or 48 hour ticket.

Something that makes the Big Bus Tour of Dubai a huge selling point is the distance which the bus covers as a part of the itinerary. With 12 kilometres covered under the City Tour and 25 kilometres covered under the Beach Tour there is no other means of transport which would provide exposure at this scale unless you decide to shell out in hiring a car or a taxi.

Points of note –

The best starting point is Burjuman Mall where you can decide whether to take the city or beach tour. If you haven’t been to Dubai before we recommend doing the former first. Start early!

The night tour starts at Deira City Centre at 715pm and Madinat Jumeirah at 815pm – but this is a fixed 2 hour tour with no stop offs.

Ask questions – the guides are happy to answer anything. And if they don’t know, they’ll call someone to find out!

Don’t lose your ticket.

An alternative to the Big Bus type tour is the Wonderbus tour where an amphibious vehicle takes you through water as well as on land to various locations. It’s not for everyone, but it certainly is something different

When – The Big Bus Tour of Dubai could be taken at any time as buses operate every day from nine in the morning till five in the evening. A total of 32 tours are offered every single day with departures every 30 minutes

How long – The Beach Tour lasts for 2 hours and the City Tour is one and half hours, but that is assuming you don’t get off. You need the most of a full day to do the tour properly.

Location – We recommend starting at Burjuman Mall, but you could start at any of the big malls such as Wafi or Deira City Centre if you want just a city tour.

Cost – The standard price per person is around AED 240 for an adult for a one day ticket but please refer to website for different options and discounted prebooking.

More Information – bigbustours.com or call 04  340-7709

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