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Companies in Abu Dhabi

ADNOC ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) is the main oil company of Abu Dhabi and drives significant amounts of the whole country’s GDP. The company manages and overseas the production of 3 billion barrels of oil every day. It works across the whole of the Oil spectrum through a number of a…

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Rent in Dubai

In times gone by, the cost of accommodation rental had been reasonable in the UAE, but from 2002, rents have started increase almost exponentially. Dubai rents in particular were the first to start such a trend but it has now followed across the other Emirates. These increases have happened for a …

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Cost of Living in the UAE

One of the most topical subjects regarding the UAE concerns the cost of living. The Economist Intelligence Unit placed Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the top twenty most expensive cities in the world to live and Mercer HR Consulting placed them at at a similar level respectively. The cost of living in …

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Online Groups about the UAE

The truth is out there - yes it is! You will always find out more from those who have had first hand experiences. If you have questions, these are the places to go. Someone somewhere went through what you are going through, whether it was establishing your company in the country or finding an afford…

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Best Blogs about Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Best Dubai Blogs

The blogging scene in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has changed substantially over the last 5 years and while the histroy remains, there will always be a new compilation of bloggers worth considering. We have p…

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Interview with an office boy

This article originally appeared in one of our newsletters. The concept of an office boy in most cultures would seem a somewhat bizarre existence – a boy paid minimal wage to prepare your tea, do the photocopying, deliver documents, and attend to your every need. At a time, where the majority of the…

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Taxi Drivers in the UAE

This article first appeared in one of our newsletters. The need for public transport gets greater as the taxi drivers struggle Why are taxis so important in the UAE at present? In Dubai, the drivers are fighting back, so that they no longer live on the poverty line, and in Abu Dhabi, the private cab…

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Schools in the UAE

With a huge mix of expat culture, the UAE’s educational system is varied with many international schools to choose from. With varying curriculi, you may be limited if you want your child to follow one specific curriculum. For example, there is a major focus on British curriculum, but the American cu…

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Recent Articles

Unlimited Movies

Arabia’s largest ecommerce website - has partnered up with icflix, the Middle East’s first unlimited streaming platform to give all our readers 3 months access to unlimited movies and TV shows for FREE.

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Tax in Dubai

For years the UAE has been touted as a tax free haven. This month we break down the necessity and impact of VAT in Dubai. Value added tax has long been the bane of the consumer, ever since it was first introduced in France in the mid 1950s. It has slowly crept up on developing societies, and now is …

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A Basic Guide to Islamic Finance

Islamic finance is becoming more and more prevalent, not only in the UAE and the Middle East, but also in the West. On request, we give you the bare bones guide to Islamic Finance to understand the basics behind the concept.   What is Islamic Finance?The notion of Islamic Finance has been dismisse…

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Trademarks in the UAE

The UAE has a trademark and patent registry, run by one of the Economic Ministry. These can be registered by local or foreign firms, on submission of the appropriate paperwork and prescribed fee, although this is relatively expensive. However, the process for registering your intellectual property i…

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What is Sharia Law

Legal systems in the Gulf are usually quite complicated and those unfamiliar with their workings can find this very difficult. The fact is that these systems are completely different to those in the west with a whole different language, which makes it worrying for those who want to transact in busin…

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Although the core principles of law in the UAE are drawn from Sharia, most legislation is comprised of a mix of Islamic and European concepts, which have a common root in the Egyptian legal code established in the late 19th to 20th centuries. The French influence is most clearly demonstrated by the …

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Dubai Bubble

This article first appeared as part of our newsletter in 2006, pre Dubai's bubble bursting. You can read how crazy the speculation was back then. Mention the word 'bubble' to me a few years ago and I would have had fond memories of blowing big ones with Hubba Bubba, curing my depression by murdering…

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Why work in the UAE

There are numerous reasons why one should come to the UAE. Here we highlight some of the most popular reasons why some elect to move to continue their career in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or one of the other Emirates of the UAE. 1. Tax Free. If you live and work in the UAE you will be paid a gross salary. If …

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UAE Advertising Market

The UAE Advertising Market is probably the hub for the Middle East. With Dubai Media City in place, the UAE has realised that, in order to promote the FDI, and enable foreign companies to transact, slick advertising and opportunities to do so must exist. Despite this, the prominence amongst the pres…

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Salaries in Dubai

There is obviously a hunger to go abroad to somewhere like Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE or Middle East and return home after 5 years having earned your millions. However, there needs to be a sense of realism when one decides to take on a role.The salaries are not as good as they once were. Of cours…

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