Dubai Itineraries

Dubai offers multiple options for many travellers and with 24 hours in Dubai, what would you do you with your time? Well, Dubai has built its reputation by creating a tourist industry from scratch, to a degree that it can appear to be customised playground for everyone. Whether you want to just see what the souks are all about – or experience the concept of envisioned bling real hand, Dubai can deliver. Millions visit Dubai on a stop over every year, and many return every year to do more. What can you do in 24 hours in Dubai, when you are on a business trip? Each to their own, but we have articulated what we think are must dos if you have a short time to spend or longer. There are customised itineraries for 24 hours, two or three days or even a week.


Dubai is tourist friendly so whether you are flying through from east to west or west to east – this is where you can get your fix of future Arabia either in short bursts of a few days or for a week or more of relaxation.

Dubai Travel Guide

Suggested Itinerary for Dubai