Dubai Metro

We can’t imagine life before the Metro. It was only 2009 when the Dubai Metro was launched – and the roads were at breaking point! The new metro is modern, driver less, sleek and efficient. Now that most of the stations across the Red and Green lines are fully operational, it is relatively simple to travel across the city. However – your destination is unlikely to be close enough to the station and you will probably have to end up taking a taxi at the other end – especially in the heat. The coverage is pretty extensive for the major locations in Dubai. There are two interchange stations – Khalid bin Al Waleed and Union – but plans to extend the two lines to four have been shelved for the time being.

Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro

The Metro is the longest fully automated driverless metro network in the world.


There are trains running every 4 to 8 minutes with AC throughout.  The lines run daily from about 6am to 1am closing at midnight on Saturday and starting at 1pm on the holy day of Friday. Having gained wide scale adoption, you’re equally likely to find yourself sharing a carriage with construction workers as you are with local Emiratis. There’s a ladies only carriage and a gold class carriage, if you can’t stand the sweat, but you’ll pay a premium.  The price for journeys ranges from roughly AED 2 to AED 6 depending on the duration or distance – and double for Gold class. Kids under 5 are free. You will need to buy a Nol Card to go on the metro. For more information check out the Dubai Road & Transport Authority site.

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