Buses in Dubai

It’s completely possible to use the bus to get around Dubai, but despite our attempts, we always find it a little complicated. That’s not to say that it is difficult, but you’ll need to invest a little time in figuring out the routes. The buses are obviously susceptible to the Dubai traffic which is why we think the Metro is better. However, the government of Dubai have invested heavily in their new fleet to encourage local citizens as well as tourists to use them instead of cars to ease the ever growing Dubai congestion. They have even taken it as far as installing air conditioned bus stops.  No matter how sleek they look and feel, not all have taken to them purely because taxis are so readily available, even though the buses run from 5am to midnight.  Many who use the buses are on lower incomes but that shouldn’t put you off especially if you and your destination are located near a stop. Our advice is to use them if you know exactly where you are going to and the bus route stops at your location. The other time to consider them is going between terminals at the airport. The buses take the Nol card like the metro, so make sure you are topped up.  For more information about the Dubai Bus Network and finding your route, check out the RTA dedicated site: rtaprojects.me

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Using the bus in Dubai