Getting Around in Dubai

Dubai has come a long way from the days of hopping on to the back of a camel in the sweltering heat. Since then we’ve had Abras to take commuters and visitors across the Dubai Creek, a huge influx of taxis, air conditioned buses and more recently a modernised metro system as well having the ability to hire your own car. Dubai is now more accessible than ever before. It’s not a city that you can walk across but it’s now reasonably priced to travel around. Just try and avoid the rush hour.

Choosing your transport in Dubai

Dubai is not huge or complicated once you have your bearings.  If you are visiting a particular shop or restaurant though, it’s best to get a landmark as many addresses may not use building numbers and on occasion don’t feature on any map.  Most tourists use taxis as they are reasonably priced, combined with the ever efficient 21st century metro. If you are in Dubai long enough, then it’s also worth considering hiring a car.

Choosing the right mode of transport whilst on your holiday depends on many factors.

How long are you visiting for?

Is it summer or ‘cool’ season?

How many passengers are you travelling with?

Do you like to sightsee by foot?

How comfortable you are driving around a foreign country?

As you are no doubt aware, the weather in Dubai can get pretty uncomfortable in the warmer months (May – September).  Therefore if you want to use public transport such as the metro or bus, we advise doing a bit of homework beforehand and checking out if your destination is within close reach of the station or stop.  Most malls may have a station right inside the mall (Mall of the Emirates) but some places may require a walk and if it’s hot, a 20 minute walk can wipe the energy from you. Taxis are always on the prowl so you can usually hop into one from outside a station stop.

It’s always nice to experience the new metro system so we encourage using the metro at least once during your stay in Dubai! You may want to consider hiring a car if you feel comfortable driving in Dubai, which is renowned for wreckless drivers!  The one major niggle is the parking, especially if you are planning on visiting independent shops or places that don’t have their own car park – which can be many!  Our advice is to travel by taxi and metro, where possible, but to hire a car if going out of Dubai.

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