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Sky diving is absolutely not for the faint hearted, but if you’re brave enough to jump out of a plane at almost 13,000ft, a sky dive above the magnificent city of Dubai is the best way of sightseeing all the famous landmarks at an angle and height that only a special few will ever have the experience of doing! It’s no surprise that Flo Rida features skydiving in Dubai as the central activity in his video for the single Wild Ones.

You don’t have to attend hours of training to undertake a free fall dive unless you want to become a qualified solo sky diver but if you’re on holiday in Dubai and have a couple of thousand dirhams and, of course, are an adrenaline junkie – you must do this!  First time sky divers will be chaperoned by an experienced qualified sky diver and harnessed fully and share the same parachute.  Simple instructions will be given but the general advice is to be calm and enjoy the whole experience.  The actual free fall time is a minute and the rest of the parachute glide is about an hour, but allow yourself three hours for the whole experience.  Skydiving is strictly for over 18 years only.

For those want to experience a thrill but need a bit of indoor training first, a company called iFly Dubai offer simulated sky diving packages which they claim are so close to the real feeling of sky diving but obviously without the view!  Kids as young as three as well as adults can try out the simulator.  The package includes a 15 minute training session via a video demo, jumpsuits and then the actual experience in the vertical wind tunnel with a supervised expert.  Kids love it and many adults use it as a stepping stone for an actual sky dive.

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Points of note

For the genuine sky dive above Dubai city, you must be over 18 years and under 100kg or 220 lbs for safety reasons.  You must not have any alcohol in your system before the dive and you must wear suitable athletic gear on the dive including trainers.

Weather plays a big part in the dive, so if it isn’t a perfect day, the ride may take a little longer.

For the iFly Dubai simulator, the person going on the experience will have to sign a damage waiver form.  The simulator is not for people with back, neck or shoulder injuries and women who are expecting.  Additionally, you must weigh under 105kg if your height is less then 5ft 9.  If you are above this height your weight should not exceed 115kg.  Please call the company if you weigh more than this.

When- For the sky diving experience: Daily

For the iFly Dubai experience, fly times are normally 10am- 11pm Sun – Weds.  On the weekend (Thurs and Friday) they are open till midnight.

How Long – For the sky diving experience:  Allow a total of 3 hours.  You may be able to go on the sky dive on the same day of booking provided there is space.  For the iFly Dubai experience, allow 1 hour including the 15 minute training.

Location – For the sky diving experience, there are two locations, The Palm Jumeirah, primarily for first time jumpers and The Desert Campus off Al Ain Road for people interested in the sky diving school.  For the iFly Dubai experience, they are located in Mirdif City Centre Mall, 1st Floor, South Side – Playnation.

Cost –  For the sky diving experience, the first time tandem jumpers pay a package of 1750 AED which includes digital stills and video.  For the iFly Dubai experience, rates for first-time flyers (child and adult) are 195 AED (although enquire for off peak rates too) there are separate rates for photo, DVD and USB souvenirs from 40 – 150 AED.

More info – For the sky diving experience please refer to the company we based our research from  For iFly Dubai

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