Things to Do in Dubai – Camel Racing in Dubai

Perhaps not the most obvious thing to do on holiday but surely one of the most memorable is to view the camel races. It’s a very Arabian type of sport, obviously, and predominantly male focused – and although you may compare it to horse racing or greyhounds, it has its own niche and something to experience if you have a chance.

The camel racing is at Al Lisaili Race Course and is roughly 30 minutes drive away from Dubai. Since it gets very hot during the day, the races take place early in the morning with each one lasting between 10 and 15 minutes – and they carry on back to back with no real break in between, so you can watch until you can’t take any more. It’s a little difficult to see which camel is which but usually the camel saddle is different in colour.

The most amusing element of the race is the view of little robot camel jockeys riding the camels. These jockeys are then controlled around the racecourse by their owners driving in their 4x4s, which all feels a bit farcical. You’re most worried that the cars will crash! But it’s good fun and a must do for uniqueness sake.


Point of Note:

A few years ago, the profile of camel races were raised when it was alleged that underage jockeys from the Indian subcontinent were being used. That’s all changed now with the use of the Robot

There is a pong about it all (it doesn’t smell great!) – but it’s all about the atmosphere!

There aren’t many tourists visiting, but the locals are very friendly and happy to have you there.

Betting is illegal, so if you want to wager amongst friends, then keep it under wraps.

There used to be races at Nad Al Sheba but now Medhan has opened, that has stopped.

When – Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays , 600am 9am with races starting from 700am onwards, from October to April

How long – 3 hours plus travelling time

Location  –  We recommend that you drive, and take a taxi towards Bab Al Shams. It is located near junction37 on the Al Ain Road

Cost – Free

Contact – Dubai Racing Club 04  8326951

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