Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai has created some world beating attractions in record time. If you had visited Dubai at the turn of the century, there would be Old Dubai – Bastakiya and the area around Dubai Creek. And this is where we have the divide of tourist activity – a couple of days in the historic quarter and the rest of the time in the mirage in the desert. We recommend that you see Bastakiya and old Dubai to understand the first base of Dubai but also picking through the other sexy new activities and sights. And then you will realise why Dubai is so popular. What it does, it does well. Dubai encourages you to do what you enjoy doing. Be selective on what to do, but make sure you enjoy yourself.

Apart from Bastakiya in the older part of Dubai, Dubai is not really a city to walk around and meander to new haunts.  Dubai instead contains destinations of choice – a sort of a la carte tourist destination. This gives you the opportunity to pick off what you would love to do, rather than being forced to consider spots that wouldn’t usually tickle your fancy.


For each sight, we have listed the following

When – what time and what day the site is open

How long – how long you should expect to spend there

Location – Where the site is located, along with landmarks and what to tell your taxi driver, if appropriate.

Cost – How much you would expect to spend in Dirhams (Dhs) for one adult.

Booking – booking details if required

More info – where you can obtain more information online, if available

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Things to Do in Dubai

Things to Do in Dubai