About Us

Grapeshisha is an online travel guide to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, that features tips, local knowledge, cultural information, and a whole lot more that help you understand what the UAE is all about. Whether you are looking to move, to visit on a holiday or are just aghast at how this part of the world has transformed in less than half a century, Grapeshisha is for you.

Grapeshisha.com was launched in 2004, and is now one of the most popular sites about Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Since we started, Grapeshisha has been featured and referred to by many high profile sites. Gridskipper called us “one of the most excellent sites regarding the UAE and Dubai in particular”, MSN has listed us on its travel channel as one of “Dubai’s Awesome Links” and Mediaweek said that we are “one of the best independent information sites about the UAE”. We are regularly featured and referred to in the local UAE press including the Gulf News, The National and Emirates Business 24-7 as well as the international press most notably The Telegraph newspaper and the Times of India. On occasion we find our way onto the best-of lists, compiled by bloggers as well as other mainstream press outlets. The travel books like us and heavyweight names have recommended us such as Whats On and Time Out, with the latter featuring us on “Time Out’s Favourite UAE bloggers” and Tripbase awarded us with the Best Blog about Dubai 2011 and Abu Dhabi Week says that we are "the blog to read". Concierge Magazine says that we “frequently pick up on quiet trends gaining force in the Emirates”. We have been quoted, profiled and referred to, both anonymously and named, in a number of books. And we have been counted as one of Maktoob/Yahoo's very few featured business blogs. We are profiled regularly in the blogger network, Global Voices as well as on the Al Bawaba blog round up and we are proud to be included within itoot, Arabia's invite only blogger network. Grapeshisha provides information for publication, has been the source material for the Government's Official Investor's Guide to the UAE and is a recommended site by the The German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce.  Grapeshisha has provided advisory for a number of companies, including, most recently, The National Geographic. 

In addition to publishing our blog on a regular basis, we continue to develop our independent articles to some of the most topical information required about the United Arab Emirates and have recently launched our news section which collates all the relevant and influential news sources in one place. We also have a hotel booking comparison engine system, allowing you to compare the best rates from a multitude of travel agents to make sure you are paying the best price for your hotel.