What does Khallas mean?



Khallas means finished in Arabic, but read on for the real meaning.

Khallas is an Arabic word that is also used in Hindi and all over the Indian sub-continent. It means finished, over, done with, stop, complete. "That's my last discount, Khallas", "Stop the taxi, Khallas" "He is Khallas - tomorrow we will fire him." You can't beat the way it is said in Arabic. It starts at the base of your throat, dawdling awhile to gather the necessary phlegm for the 'Kh' and moves up, lubricated by the 'll' made by tongue high on palate and is finally spat out softly, cushioned by the soothing hiss. But beware, if someone uses it out of context, motioning with their finger across the neck, be afraid, be very afraid.